Core Values/Our Promise

Welcome to Sobel & Co., a regional public accounting and consulting firm that has been adding value to the area’s business community since 1956!

We are proud to invite you to learn more about our firm, our people, our culture, and most of all, our commitment to our staff and our clients.

We know that the business world is impacted by an ever accelerating rate of change. To respond to this challenge we seamlessly integrate accounting, financial, strategic, advisory and technology services for mid-size companies and organizations across a range of industries, including the nonprofit sector.

Our professionals combine a personalized approach with technical excellence to guide our clients and put them – and keep them – on the path to success. We believe our clients deserve our attention, our advice and our counsel – all designed to help them reach their goals and achieve their dreams.

Our Core Values

During the course of our strategic planning, the firm spent a considerable amount of time identifying those special values that are the very life blood of Sobel & Co.

At the end of the exercise, we concluded that the values that were most critical, were encompassed in the acronym, "ENCOURAGE" - which in itself was indicative of the attitude and philosophy of our Firm. Each of us not only expected to embrace these values for ourselves, but equally as important, we are expected to encourage each other to do so as well.