Business Risk Mitigation Services

Whether you are a CEO, CFO, general counsel, litigator or Chief Security officer, you are most likely dealing with, or will be dealing with, issues regarding continuity of business operations.

In fact, today businesses of all sizes across all industries are the target of threats ranging from employee embezzlement to the theft of information by criminals on a global scale. These internal and external threats often require the assistance of trusted resources outside their organization. At Sobel & Co. we have specific experience, competencies and industry accepted certifications in the areas of forensic accounting, investigations, physical and environmental security and the strategic management of the protection of critical business information.  Acting in the same method a Chief Security Officer would, we can provide the all-important assistance to protect your people, assets, buildings and information by reducing the impact of unwanted events in order for you to continue normal business operations.

In this role we can lead or augment your team with our combination of investigative capabilities in forensic accounting, physical security assessments, the implementation of a strategic approach to information security and litigation support.  These specific capabilities are complimented with decades of leadership and project management to provide a customized approach for every business.  We draw upon our internal team of CFEs, CPPs and CISMs, as well as from our diverse strategic partnerships that include contract security services, cyber security and technology companies, law firms and insurance brokers to integrate a comprehensive solution for businesses of all sizes and industries.

As your Chief Security Officer, we can provide a list of preventive measures, which can be tailored to fit your business process and satisfaction:

  • Fraud Resilience

    • Forensic Investigations
    • Financial Fraud Investigations
    • Third Party Vendor Risk Management and Due Diligence
  • Physical Security

    • Physical and Environmental Security Assessments
    • Program Design, Implementation and Oversight
    • Protection of Information and Systems
    • Executive and Employee Safety Assessments
  • Information Security

    • Information Security Awareness Training
    • Information Technology Audits and Assessments
    • Cyber Incident Response Planning Services
    • Sobel & Co. One-Day Information Security Assessment