Michele Leppard, CFE
Forensic, Valuation, Strategy & Litigation Support Group, Sobel & Co.
What is bitcoin, anyway? Bitcoin (BTC) is neither a real currency nor a commodity, but it is a virtual cryptocurrency.  What makes it...
Chris Young, Ph.D., Principal, Sobel & Co.
Valuation, Strategy and Litigation Support

Luigi D’onorio DeMeo, Associate, Sobel & Co.
Valuation, Strategy and Litigation Support
“Blockchain Will Revolutionize Agriculture and Food Supply Chain”, “Study Reveals 6 out of 10 Major Corporations are Looking at Blockchain Technology...
Ken Bagner, CPA, CGMA, MST
Member in Charge, Sobel & Co. Tax Practice
You may have dreamt of all the wonderful things you would buy, all the terrific vacations you would take and all the gifts you would give to family...
Ken Bagner, CPA, CGMA, MST
Member of the Firm, Sobel & Co.
It goes without saying that profitability is the main objective of anyone who is a business owner, executive director, or “C” suite leader in any...
John Mellage, CPA, CGMA
Sobel & Co.
Entrepreneurs, start-up companies and even well establish small-to-midsize family-owned, privately-held businesses often face the challenge of...
Chris Martin, CPA
Sobel & Co.
Over the last several months we have been sharing details with you regarding the so-called Philadelphia “soda tax” with a special focus on the...
Bridget Hartnett, CPA, PSA
Member in Charge of the Nonprofit and Social Services Practice, Sobel & Co.
Anyone who has ever played a sport has probably heard too many lectures about the importance of “leadership” in winning the game.  Whether on...
Elizabeth Harper, CPA
Sobel & Co.
If you are a plan sponsor it is important for you to know that there are some new regulations regarding the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)...
Michele M. Leppard, CFE
Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support
Sobel & Co.
Many public and private companies rely on competitive bidding for the best goods and services at the lowest rates; however competitive bidders have...
John Mellage, CPA, Sobel & Co.
Chris Martin, CPA, Sobel & Co.
During the past years many well-respected brands have undergone significant consolidation, closing stores as necessary to maintain profits...