Are You an Effective Leader?

When traveling to Chicago recently I read an interesting article authored by Gary Kelly, Chairman and CEO at Southwest Airlines in which he makes the case for how to become a successful leader. At a time when effective leaders are often the key to a company's sustainability and profitability, Gary identifies five signifiant behaviors that he believes are essential for good leadership:

-Leaders must care

-Leaders must communicate

-Leaders must have character

-Leaders must be competent

-Leaders must have courage

As you scroll through this list of leadership character traits, take a moment to consider yourself and your own situation. Do you care about your people? Do you listen and genuinely respect other's opinions? Do you demonstrate honesty and integrity? Do you understand the technical aspects of your profession? Are you holding yourself and others accountable? If you can answer these questions honestly for yourself, you are on your way to be a great leader.  


Let us know the traits you believe should be included on this list!