Corporate Social Responsibility

I recently received the Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey "Healthier Together" Corporate Social Responsibility Report. In it the company highlights its community engagement, including grants it awarded and signature initiatives.  It was a powerful message - demonstrating their committment to the community and their success at improving life for New Jersey residents and businesses.

For those of you who have also embraced a philsophy of giving back to the community, sharing your activities is an excellent way for you to distinguish your business from others in the state.  Companies that provide volunteers and financial support can point to the actual, measurable impact they are having - and the results can be very impressive.  

For exanple, the Horizon Cares  Program sponsord by Blue Cross Blue Shield can proudly point to the data that shows 440 volunteers and 3,472 volunteer hours annually which results in a $95,341 volunteer hour value - along with $248,758 in matching gifts.  These numbers are staggering - and show that the corporation is contributing in a positive way to making New Jersey the best it can be. 

Leverage this idea in your own company and turn the spotlight on your own good works. Your employees will have a renewed sense of pride and accomplishment and your reputation is enhanced at the same time.

Please share your stories of corporate social responsibility!