Focusing on a Niche

Your marketing communications mantra may be  "Stay targeted. "  If so, this  approach can provide a key advantage for start-up and established companies that are creating a brand or strengthening and building greater awareness.

The idea of "targeting" a niche is effective for any industry, professional service firm or nonprofit organization.  When you offer a service or product to a specific demographic group, or even a geographic market, you can address the unique needs facing the decision makers you want to attract.  Each niche has its own distinctive set of characteristics, trends, publications and even trade associations that you can leverage as you strengthen your presence within a targeted population.  You might represent a new Pilates studio seeking young proefssional women, or a veterinarian looking for pet owners; you might be a CPA firm with a comitment to serving the nonprofit community or a retailer positioned to engage teen consumer market. 

Who you want to attract and serve is up to you based on your products and services -  but the important lesson is to have the discipline to spotlight the audience most likely to embrace your value proposition. No one can be all things to all people anymore! But when you develop a plan for penetrating a specific niche and offering solutions for a specific audience, you will be able to quickly grasp the landscape, identfying the breadth of the population as well as getting a clear understanding of the competitors, barriers to entry and influencers who are also sharing this space with you.  Staying on target - focusing on what you do and who can best benefit from your expertise - will help you leverage your time and resources as efficiently as possible without limiting your exposure infront of the "right" people!


Just remember that narrowing your focus actually expands your possibilities!