The Future is Now!

The pace of change is too fast to comprehend.

At a conference that I attended in June for the Association of Accounting Marketing (AAM), Barry Melancon, the CEO of  the Association of International CPAs, shared some interesting and alarming survey results with us. Barry said that when  business owners were asked in a recent survey when they expected robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to be in place in the business community,  the majority replied “in 50 years.”  Considering that much of the futuristic robotic functions are already in place right now, or will be by 2020, the naivety of this response is astounding.

Business owners, senior managers and executive directors who think they have plenty of time to prepare for the inevitability of change in their industries need to think again.

Whether it is driverless trucks, online shopping, books on tablets or a hand held device that is called a "phone" but which is truly a computer (that's rarely used for making calls anymore), technology is making strides in every sector at unbelievable speeds.  The future is no longer 50 years away - it is already here.  Given that every business will be 'disrupted' going forward - from printing and publishing to transportation, manufacturing, distribution, retail and professional services, we will all need to find a way to offer services, experiences and solutions that cannot be delivered by technology.

The human element, along with strong leadership, emotional intelligence and strategic/innovative thinking, is going to play a critical role in the formula for success.

Is your organization -  for profit or nonprofit - ready for the future? Because it is here.  Look inside and outside of your industry for exciting new ideas that can help you differentiate your organization, create a competitive advantage and gain market share.

What changes are you seeing?