Making Connections That Count


On my way back to NJ from a recent trip to Chicago I read an intriguing article on pages 54-55 in the Southwest Airlines September 2017 magazine that talked about how body language can improve first impressions. I thought about how important this is, most especially for those with small to mid-size businesses who have small marketing budgets and many nonprofit organizations. All of these rely on word of mouth marketing rather than on elaborate ad campaigns or other formal branding initiatives.


This blog follows the same train of thought as our previous discussion on being “likeable.”  What author Vanessa Van Edwards reminds us that tyically we are most comfortable with people who are like us, who mirror our body language or who in some way seem familiar to us.  If you keep this in mind when you are in a networking situation you will find yourself making eye contact, smiling in a welcoming way, and nodding your head to show you are listening. All I all, you are making an impression on a future friend by making them feel good about talking to you. Studies back this up showing that 55%  of the message is delivered through nonverbal elements  such as facial expressions, gestures, posture.


So never forget that the power of using body language to send and open and engaging message is as powerful, or more powerful, than the words you speak!