Networking (Done the Right Way) is Essential!

I recently led a webinar on The Power of Networking and through the course of the discussion, I mentioned that networking is a business and personal social skill. It is about building authentic relationships with real people. It is not about being self-serving and self-promoting, connecting with others for the purpose of your own advancement. But when done correctly and sincerely, it is the most powerful business development and retention tool business leaders have in their arsenal.

In Unique Habits of Ridiculously Likeable People,  author Dr Travis Bradberry notes that when he asks audiences what traits they believe are important for someone to be trusted and likeable, they ineviotably ignore the most obvious charactersitics like intelligence, attractiveness and extraversion - instead citing approachability, humility and positivity.

These are the  key qualities that make people great networkers but also make them great leaders. Jim Collins, in Good to Great, also addresses the importance of humility - and when combined with genuine concern for others - these are tihe ingredients that create a formula for sucessful networking.

To be an influencer in your community, to develop the kind of contacts that are meaningful, think about your own "likeabiilty quotient" and consider how others might see you versus how you see yourself. And then read "Give and Take" by Adam Grant to truly appreciate the value of giving without concern about getting anything in return! If you can integrate this philosophy into your daily interactions, you can pat yourself on the back - you are a real networker!