Understanding Your Customer's Journey

At the Association for Corporate Growth NJ Members' Forum today, Board member MJ Jolda and her business partner, Sue Cyliax, of CMO Company shared their insights gained from years of executing hundreds of B to B initiatives regarding developing loyal customers/clients.  They talked about the "loyalty loop" and the importance of influencing the entire customer experience, from the first contact until long after the final interaction is completed.

The after-decision making experiences are an essential part of the process, but none of this can be achieved if you do not understand your client/customer's needs. Once you have profiled your ideal audience, you can begin aksing the key questions that will help you identify the idea customer for your company.  Know their titles, what a typical day's challenges look like, what skills and knowledge they have - and need - to do their job and ask what challenges they face.  You can then provide the personalized solutions that address their specific issues.

Purchasing decisions, whether for products or for sevices, including the highest level professional services, are predicated on the decision maker being approached at the right time and in the right way.  They usually like to talk to others whose opinion they trust and who also have similar circumstances.  The uiltimate goal is for you to be in the right place at the right time in front of the right decision maker with the right solution.  Research, hard work, awareness and patience all play a role in this formula as the customer's journey evovles from Awareness to Consideration to Decision to Post Purchase (this is where you delight them to ensure they will return!) 


For more information on how you can create a meaningful and relevant customer experience that will wow the influiencers you are trying to attract, check out CMO + Company at www.CMOandCompany.com