Valuation: Examining Strategic Frameworks with Jeff Sisco

On September 20, 2017, Sobel & Co. LLC welcomed local attorneys to a Continuing Legal Education session delivered by Sobel Valuation, Strategy and Litigation Support team member Jeff Sisco. Jeff’s presentation was entitled “Examining Strategic Frameworks in the Valuation Process.”  During this informative session, Jeff introduced the attendees to the importance of considering business strategy when:

  • Evaluating potential clients;

  • Creating pre-trial strategy surrounding the calculation of business valuations or commercial damages;

  • Understanding how strategy impacts the Discount and Growth rates in a valuation or commercial damages engagement, and

  • Interviewing a potential economic expert for a valuation or commercial damages engagement.

In addition to the aforementioned key takeaways, Jeff briefed the attendees on the history of strategy, the evolution of military strategy into business strategy, and discussed several of the predominant business strategies currently used by corporations. Jeff walked the attorneys through a hypothetical business case in which an entrepreneur without a business strategy seeks legal representation. The attorneys in attendance were able to flesh out whether or not taking a client without a clear business strategy is a wise move. In addition, Jeff facilitated a conversation in which the attorneys discussed several key strategy related questions that can be used as a form of client due diligence. Finally, Jeff led the attendees through an evaluation of the mission, vision and value statements, and generic business strategy of Amazon. This led to a very spirited discussion of the practicality of many of the concepts that are considered central to the foundation of the creation of business strategy.

We encourage all to remain on the look-out for Jeff’s next strategy presentation in December. Details to follow soon!