Nonprofit & Social Services

Our nonprofit clients often ask us why we do what we do

The answer is simple - we work with the nonprofit sector because we feel good supporting those who do good; we have a passion for helping nonprofit organizations achieve their mission for helping the world's most vulnerable.

To accomplish this, we provide personal attention, ongoing educational information and access to best practices and benchmarks that our clients can use to make smart decisions.

Sobel & Co.’s nonprofit and social service clients are served by a team of professionals who understand the importance of efficient operations for charitable, educational, government and civic organizations. With more than 200 clients in this growing niche, the team has developed a distinctive depth of experience that delivers the high quality service combined with industry expertise that our clients deserve. 

Taking care of nonprofits is a top priority at Sobel & Co. As a result, our clients benefit from our proven track record, specialized technical skills, industry credentials and ongoing commitment to remain at the cutting edge of the nonprofit services sector.

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