Valuation & Commercial Damages White Papers

Christopher Young, Ph.D.
Geoffrey Allen Pigman, D.Phil
Our mission in this report is to identify countries that are attractive destinations for US exports and for foreign direct investment (FDI). The...
Christopher W. Young, Jr.
Seton Hall University
Tinari Economics Group
Sobel & Co., LLC.
In the discipline of forensic economics, religion as a variable that affects a person’s earning potential is not recognized. In particular, the...
Christopher Warren Young
Assistant Professor
Rutgers University - School of Business
1 Summer Walk Circle
Oak Ridge, NJ 07438 347-522-0480
This article suggests that economic experts should consider moving away from accrual based, accounting centered lost profits1 and toward cash based...
Christopher W. Young Rutgers University Sobel & Co., LLC
James A. Janos Sobel & Co., LLC
ASSA Annual Meeting, Chicago IL
NAFE Session – Saturday, January 7, 2017 (2:30-4:30 session)
Often an economic expert is engaged by an attorney to determine the value of a minority shareholder’s interest in a commercial or family dispute....